Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Saturday, 3rd August was visit number 27, which coincided with Brighton Gay Pride (more about this later). I’m now up to around 80 contenders for a final edit (of around 60?) and am quite happy with how the project is progressing. I’m unsure about how much of this to foist onto the web before I have a final edit.

I’ve had less success shooting on these sunny summer days – because the harsh light is more difficult to work with technically with my little camera, and because it sometimes doesn’t fit in with the gloomier look of the majority of the photos I have so far. Gloomy was the look I was going for, primarily. When I arrive on a bright, clear day, I am on the look-out for roads – or sides of roads – completely in shadow. For that nice, dull, flat look I've spent my time avoiding the unforgiving Brighton sun.

A narrow Brighton street on a sunny day. [© Paul Russell 2013. Click for larger version]

In Kemp Town a friendly stranger came up to me, unbidden, and advised me to get off the “main drag” and explore the twittens (a Sussex dialect word for alley). I replied that this was an excellent idea but more or less the strategy I had been using. Uncanny. All sorts of things go on up the narrowest roads that are completely in shadow. (Of course, Brighton's most famous alley is the one in Quadrophenia one where Phil Daniels "romances" Leslie Ash.)

I’m easing up on shooting in August mainly because the weather is too good, and will restart the visits in September for a finish some time by the end of the year (40 visits has a nice ring to it). This August shooting hiatus will give me more time to type some random thought about Brighton here. And more time to take stock of what I’ve done so far.

So, August – less photographing, more thinking and writing.

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